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A new gated community “Bloom Living” has been launched by Bloom Holding in Abu Dhabi

Posted by Vesta-Properties on March 28, 2022

Bloom Holding has announced Bloom Living, an all-inclusive, fully integrated community in Abu Dhabi.

Located on 2.2 million square meters of land, the iconic gated community includes over 4,000 homes, including villas, townhouses, and apartments to meet the needs of residents of all generations.

The architecture of Bloom Living is inspired by the rustic vibe of the Mediterranean and seamlessly incorporates traditional Spanish design with contemporary finishes. There is also a theme to the neighborhood name; Phase One is Cordoba, after the Andalusian city.

Bloom Living is closely aligned with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, which emphasizes the need for diversity, inclusivity, and a high standard of living for sustained economic development. Residents of the aspirational community will come from all ages, cultures, and ethnicities and will experience a superior living experience that fosters genuine human connections.

Located in Bloom Living’s Town Centre is a lively and bustling plaza with several food and beverage outlets for residents as well as visitors to enjoy. A healthcare clinic and several other amenities will also be included in the Town Centre. Hence, residents have everything they need without ever having to leave the community – and all within walking distance.

Bloom Living will also be home to two outstanding international schools, which can be easily reached by foot or bicycle from anywhere within the development.

There will be a large lake at the center which will serve as a focal point for the community, and residents will be able to walk, run, and cycle around this lake. This is an ideal community for those seeking peace and quiet. In addition, the lake will act as a point of connectivity with pathways leading to all neighborhoods and amenities. The use of water, combined with the community’s beautiful flora, is intended to create a calm and serene environment that supports Bloom Living’s commitment to promoting health and wellbeing.

In addition, residents have access to a wide range of recreational facilities and activities suitable for all energy levels, from yoga, linear and agro parks to swimming pools and gyms. In addition, there will be several regular activities and festivities that will aim to bring the whole community together. Pets are welcomed, with dog parks to ensure all members of the family are accommodated. Bloom Living is committed to developing a community that promotes co-living, tolerance, and healthy living in addition to contributing to an improved quality of life for the emirate.

A total of 257 townhomes and detached villas in the Cordoba neighborhood will now go on sale. Two- and three-bedroom townhouses range in size from 150m2 to 170m2. There will also be a range of three- to six-bedroom detached villas ranging in size from 250m2 to 515m2. The prices start at AED 1.5 million, with attractive payment plans, reflecting Bloom’s commitment to providing value for money, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The launch of Bloom Living, our flagship community development in Abu Dhabi, marks a significant milestone for Bloom Properties, said Carlos Wakim, CEO of Bloom Holding.

“With Bloom Living, we aim to offer a fully integrated community that goes far beyond providing a nice place to live. Our multi-generational community has everything one could possibly need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life,” he said.

According to him, Bloom Living has been cleverly designed so that all the facilities, amenities, and services are within walking distance of every resident. Those living outside the region will also be welcomed to visit: our town center will be easily accessible and will offer a vibrant atmosphere day and night, which represents the beating heart of the district, he said.

“We believe that Bloom Living serves as a representation of the modern Abu Dhabi – a cosmopolitan, multicultural, and aspirational hub in which people of all backgrounds can flourish. The pandemic has served to highlight that our lives do not operate in a silo – and neither should our homes. We firmly believe that fully integrated communities are the future, Bloom Living as a shining example of community living of tomorrow.” he added.

A highly convenient community is located near Zayed City and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Bloom Living will be built in phases, and Cordoba, the first phase of Bloom Living, is set for completion in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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