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Parallel Services

Paralel Services

We can, through an affiliated company, also provide the following quality services, at competitive prices, which can streamline the process for delivery of the property to the market.

Full Fit Out of Facilities

We have expertise in providing high quality fit outs for residential, commercial & industrial properties. Inclusive of MEP, Fire Alarm & Fire-fighting services.

Full Building Maintenance Services

It is important to avoid deterioration of a property by providing proper maintenance and we can offer detailed plans for preventative and reactive maintenance at competitive prices to suit properties of varying sizes and type to preserve and enhance a property during its life cycle.

Building Alterations and Renovation

We have the capability to transform an existing building, which may appear to have reached the end of its useful lifecycle, through alteration and renovation to provide it with a new look and to extend its lifecycle significantly without the lengthy disruption and expense with having to demolish and re-build.

Building Design Services

We collaborate with various architectural practices to provide designs for all kinds of construction.
Builder’s clean and deep cleaning. We provide various cleaning services for all types of buildings including external façade cleaning.

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