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Property Inspection

Property Defects Reports

Vesta Real Estate Management team offer Property Defects Reports for potential buyers or existing owners in respect of their properties in Abu Dhabi. These reports provide record the condition of the property and can provide valuable information in respect of time and costs to remedy the defects to bring the property to a saleable/rentable condition which will save the parties expense and remove potential delays in concluding any transaction whether it be sale or rental.

What is a Defect?

A defect or problem is a fault that can occur in the property due to damage or it could be an inherent fault remaining from the construction process that exists in a property which would normally require to be rectified to enjoy proper use of the property. It is typically something that is damaged or broken, not fitted properly or looks unfinished – such as a scratch on a window, a chipped tile or a missing hinge in a door.

Some defects are minor and cosmetic – however more serious defects can arise which in the worst case scenario may render a property uninhabitable which would obviously have an impact on any sale or rental transaction.

We can identify and in most cases offer rectification solutions and the estimated cost of same.

Who Needs a Defects Report?

Property Owner

For anyone in the final stage of purchasing and undertaking handover from the developer, a detailed defects inspection report prior to taking possession provides a statement of the condition of the property which can be presented to the developer to rectify prior to taking possession which will save expense and potential delays in taking possession. It provides a clear list for developer’s contractors to undertake prior to accepting delivery of the property and provides peace of mind for a minor fee.

What does a Defects Report Include?

  • Obvious Structural Defects
  • Ceiling and wall finishes – recording uneven or damaged surfaces
  • Flooring finishes – checking for chipped or irregular tiles or timber
  • Alignment of AC grilles, light switches and power sockets
  • Noting of any overpainting onto fittings
  • Windows, doors and seals operation and condition
  • Ironmongery fitting, operation and alignment
  • Checking all glazing for visible scratches
  • Central air conditioning units – checking thermostats and cooling
  • Electrical outlets testing including power sockets, light switches and appliances
  • Checking Carpentry throughout, checking for chips or scratches
  • Checking Kitchen units and worktops for scratches or any other damage
  • Gardens, terraces, swimming pools, balconies – condition and damage check
  • Plumbing systems and fixtures
  • Visible drainage operation
  • Utility connections
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Fire protection inspection
  • Damp meter reading

Tenancy Condition Reports

Vesta Real Estate Management team offer Tenancy Condition Reports for landlords of Abu Dhabi property. These reports create a record of the property’s condition and help to reduce disputes over security deposit arguments on lease completion.

One of the biggest cause of disputes with tenants is the return of security deposits. On many occasions there is no record of the condition of the property on move in and therefore the tenant has difficulty in proving that certain damage was already in existence on taking possession.

By introducing a third party detailed property move in inspection this creates an undisputable  record of the condition and helps to reduce security deposit arguments and deductions pertaining thereto.

What does a Condition Report Include

  • Ceiling, wall and floor finishes
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioning vents, grilles, thermostats and cooling
  • Electrical outlets testing including power sockets, light switches and appliances
  • Gardens, terraces, swimming pools, balconies
  • Plumbing systems and fixtures
  • Visible drainage operation
  • Windows, doors, and seals
  • Façade finishes
  • Ironmongery

The report will be accompanied by pictorial evidence

When should i Undertacke this Survey?

Ideally the Entry Condition Survey should be undertaken after the lease has been signed and before a tenant takes possession of the leased property and as it is the best time to identify all the defects and damages.

An Exit Condition Survey should be conducted at the end of the tenancy so that there is a record of the condition at lese completion.

What are the Benefits?

  • Detailed photographic record of the condition of the property on taking possession
  • Allows you to use this record to follow up with the landlord to repair or replace the broken or damaged fixtures and fittings.
  • Provides you with evidence at the end of the tenancy of the condition when you move in should the landlord seek to change you for pre-existing damages.
  • Fundamentally will assist you in reducing any deductions from your security deposit when you vacate the property.

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