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Service Charge Budgeting

Service Charge Budgeting

Our experienced and highly trained finance and budget team can support your organization with

Budget preparation

Our budget preparation service secures and enhances your asset’s value through expert administration, budget control and efficient allocation of funds.

We provide the financial and management reporting needed through the entire property life cycle, including budget preparation, financial audits and regular operational reports, service charges billing and other services to optimise costs.

Cost modelling

This service enables you to determine the most cost-effective way to run your asset or investment and maximise the value you derive from it. We assist you to understand the associated costs, benefits and risks of the available possible actions, so you can make informed business decisions with confidence.

Service Provider Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We enhance your community living standards while reducing cost by using our expertise and best industry practices in service procurement and contractor selection and appointment.

By effectively monitoring and managing all the preventive and reactive service requirements, we increase efficiency and overall quality, ensuring that all your third-party service providers demonstrably comply with safety and quality standards as set out in our developed procedures and policies.

Property Handover Process & Documentation

Our management professionals ensure that your handover process is seamless and stress-free, for both you and your customers.

We offer a complete range of services, from arranging initial inspections to handing over the keys and any required support beyond, and we can also provide move-in documentation packages, community rules, and all customer communications throughout the process.

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