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World leaders in the number of millionaires

Posted by Vesta-Properties on March 17, 2023

Dubai, Miami and Singapore have become world leaders in the number of millionaires who immigrated during the pandemic, attracting them with favorable conditions. This was reported on Monday by the Financial Times newspaper. According to the publication, wealthy entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia and the Middle East, as well as from Russia, move to Dubai, from Beijing to Singapore, and from New York to Miami. It is expected that this year Dubai, Singapore and Miami will become leaders in the growth of prices for luxury real estate. The record holder for the number of millionaires in this three is Singapore, where 250 thousand representatives of the economic elite live with a total population of 5.5 million. In order to attract new tycoons, the authorities of the Asian metropolis have opened an agency that provides assistance in the creation of family wealth management firms.

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